Tryphon Vineyards


About Us

Our winemaking philosophy:

As much as possible we like to let the fruit dictate the wine style. We're fortunate to have such a unique place to grow grapes and rather than add flavors to the wine we want to let the grapes speak their own voice. We will occasionally add some acid to bring a wine into balance or sulfites to help preserve the wine, and sometimes we'll use barrels or wood chips to add oak tannins or flavors, but we strive to keep the additions to a minimum. Since 2009 we haven't even added yeast preferring to allow fermentations to occur spontaneously. In an effort to remain transparent about our process we will gladly tell you what's in a wine if you would like to know. We have nothing to hide.

We also choose not to filter or fine our wines as we believe these processes have a detrimental effect on the wine's structure. Our preference is to allow the wine to settle on its own for clarity and to let natural processes consume any nutrients that could allow bacteria and yeast to thrive in the bottle. As a result, some of our wines might be a little cloudy but they'll still be tasty.

Our grape growing philosophy:

In the vineyard it is our goal to be as sustainable as possible using a systems approach to growing and pest control. Our farming practices are organic but we don't have any certifications. We prefer not to deal with the paperwork and expense of certification, but we promise that any additions we make in our vineyard are certified organic. We add compost when the vineyard needs it and we grow a cover crop to supply nutrients and organic matter to our soil. All weed control is done with a mower or a shovel. We do not and will not use herbicides to control weeds and we do everything we can to make our vineyard hospitable to everything that lives in it.

We strive to dry-farm our vineyard but we do have to occasionally irrigate with water from our well. We use as little water as we can get away with and hope that the vines will continue to dig deeper to find their own source.

As with our winemaking practices we will gladly tell you anything you want to know about our growing practices.