Tryphon Vineyards


About Us

We are a couple dedicated to creating a selection of unique wines of place. Our vineyard is nestled in a national forest above 3000 feet giving a special character and flavor to our wines.

It was love at first sight! No, not with one another…that took just a smidge more time (though not much) but when we laid eyes on this beautiful mountain property and looked out to see that our “neighbor” on all sides was the Tahoe National Forest…we were completely smitten and knew that we had to make it ours…and that’s what we’ve done.

While a physicist and a social worker from the Bay Area might sound like an unusual wine making team for this rural vineyard, we've been at it since 2007 and we think we might just be starting to get the hang of it. Together with the help of our do-everything farm hand and a few loyal and hard-working friends, we're striving to make unique wines that reflect the special character of this place we’ve come to love so much. So far, the result has been wines that we are proud to share with family and friends and enjoy drinking at the end of hard day’s work…and that’s really all we ever hoped for! As our two sons get older we hope they too will share our passion for this property and the wines that come from it because we hope to be doing this as a family for many years to come.

Meet Us

Larry Rodenborn

Larry spent 10 years as a Laser and electronic engineer after graduating from Cal Poly, SLO (Go Mustangs!) with a degree in physics. Being an engineer was fulfilling for a time but he longed for something else and although he didn't realize he was going to become a farmer, it feels like the perfect fit. He gets to use his background in science in the winery and the vineyard but usually prefers to feel his way around the vines and wines.

Dayle Rodenborn

Dayle has a masters degree in social work from UC Berkeley and spent a number of years doing case management work. Today she is in private practice as a therapist and in her spare time she pursues her passion for wine. Dayle knows what she likes when it comes to wine and won't settle for anything less. She is a consummate wine lover who strives to make wine that she loves and hopes you will love it too.

James Fowler

James does pretty much everything in the vineyard and on the property and we couldn't do any of this without him. A local in the town of Camptonville, it's not uncommon for folks in the next county to recognize him or his family. He did much of the work in establishing the existing vineyard and continues to take care of it.